Show Your Competency

by | Aug 17, 2021

Take a moment to consider this—seeing is believing. And if you believe this idea to be true, as a business owner you should probably be asking yourself the question: how can I have more eyes on what I am doing?

At face value, the answer to this appears straightforward enough. Advertise, get exposure in the media, make and maintain an online website (or even better an online commerce platform). These answers seem simple enough, but they don’t address the underlying obstacle that exists in the execution of these things—over-saturation. Yes, it is a known fact that these days, simply having a marketing strategy that is just okay simply won’t cut it. Pretty much every business can swing at least the bare bones—business cards, flyers, maybe even a quickly thrown-together site that will maybe be updated once in a while, if at all. And this is understandable, for as easy as it sounds, truly building and managing an effective marketing presence online takes time that many business owners can’t budget for. 

Yet despite having a good picture of WHY small business owners should invest in creating personalized, updated and future-driven marketing strategies, many don’t even get around to making this need a reality.

This is what has motivated me and my partners at Hidden Shortcut to remove the barriers of such an important aspect to growing a small business. We support the growth of small businesses by working with them closely to build an understanding of how their business can benefit in the future from investments made now. Designing clean websites is just the start to what we do—management and continued connection with our clients sets us apart from other web design agencies. 

The future of marketing is in these connections that can be made when communities of like-minded business leaders support the growth of one another. Hidden Shortcut sees the reality of the new storefront being a virtual connection first and a handshake second. Building trust from web browsing is the exception, and we help business owners navigate this new approach to future-proofing their business in the world of online-driven interactions and sales.